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Extract the system folder from our archive in your Lineage 2 folder instalation. The account creation is automatic (meaning, your account will be autocreated on your first login in to the game).
The name of all the patches are fictive and all the patches are the same. Just different download locations...

Our  dream  has  come  true

A smokescreen covered their continuous blinks towards the outskirts of the great kingdom, until the cathedral was the only thing clearly visible. Along the way, they could sense the great shadow of a Dragon, watching their every step. Then, the voices of survivors seeking revenge towards the witch echoed through the destroyed cathedral halls. Others were tending to their wounded, others were trying to collect the Enlightened's burning husk from the great funeral pyre, whilst the archbishop was chanting blessings, leading the flock of peasants as if they were warriors, preparing to battle the mighty dragon...


L2Gaia - Info



XP/SP --> 25X
Buff<->trigger-> 24+4/8
dance/song--> 12
Atribute stones --> 40%
Atribute crystals --> 35%
QUEST drop --> 2X
RAID BOSS drop --> 1X
Safe enchant --> +4
Max enchant --> +12
Epaulettes --> 2X



Capture The Flag
Fight Club
raid events
last hero
team vs team



start --> 18 : 00 (GMT+1)
end --> 04 : 00 (GMT+1)
HWId protection --> on
enchant limit --> +6
heroes select --> sunday



vote --> vc
events --> fame
events --> adena
events --> fa
farm --> goblets
invitation --> Dc

The Insights of Darkness

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Law and order..

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